Highly qualified Reflexologist in Chicago

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About the Reflexology Practice


Nancy has been in practice since 2003. She opened her doors under the name “pied doux” (sweet feet in French), but quickly realized that it was difficult to pronounce. Her approach integrates a foundation in anatomy and physiology with the Ingham method of reflexology. Nancy is dedicated to providing a restorative, calming and healing experience for all of her clients. She is a graduate of Vassar College.
Reflexology can benefit everyone; children to the elderly, people seeking stress reduction, and those with more serious health concerns. Nancy has particular success easing the symptoms associated with:
· Rheumatoid arthritis
· Chronic headaches
· Sinus pressure/allergies
· Lymphatic imbalances
· Musculo-skeletal pain
· Women’s reproductive issues/fertility/pregnancy

Special Focus

Third Coast Reflexology also focuses on providing relief to people whose professions are physically and emotionally demanding such as actors, other performers, healing practitioners and athletes.
A series of treatments is highly recommended to provide grounding and to sustain optimal energy levels.
(Disclaimer: A reflexologist is not a physician, and therefore cannot prescribe, diagnose or treat for a specific condition.)