Full session foot reflexology ~50 minutes

Working both feet fully and completely to restore balance, promote ease of movement, boost organ function and provide profound relaxation.

Thai Foot Reflexology ~50 minutes

Combines techniques from China and Thailand using custom blended Thai lotions, smooth gliding strokes, and applied pressure to specific points to soothe leg and foot pain and improve functioning throughout the entire body.

Fine tuning foot reflexology ~30 minutes

A “tune up” session eases stress and the daily buildup of restrictions on smooth body functioning.

Hand Reflexology ~10 minutes

By request, an addition to regular treatment.
Tomb of Ankmahor – Physician’s Tomb, 2330 B.C.
“I will act so that you praise me”

Prenatal Reflexology

Benefits of reflexology during pregnancy:
· Promotes deep relaxation, soothes the nervous system
· Normalizes blood pressure (hyper and hypotension).
· Reduces swelling in feet and ankles
· Aids digestion
· Relieves backache
· Improves sleep quality
· Improves lymphatic drainage
· Oxygenates the baby by improving mother’s blood flow
At end of pregnancy:
Can encourage labor, intensify contractions and shorten delivery times
*Note: It is recommended that you do not begin reflexology treatments until the end of the 12th week of pregnancy.